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The Big-Boobed Homeowner & The Stud Contractor

  Kerry Martin leaves her house and goes into her back yard to check up on the workman she hired. As he steps down the ladder, Kerry holds it to keep it steady but impulsively lays her hands on his behind instead. He turns around while still on the ladder, his groin level with her face. She feels his package and wants to take a look at it. He doesn't object. When she unzips his jeans, his erect throbbing schlong pops out. Kerry feels it and pops it in her mouth. There aren't many banging positions one can do on a folding ladder so she brings him into her bedroom. Besides, the neighbor might hear her sucking. He may be on the clock but she wants to be on his erect schlong. Kerry drops to her knees to suck on his large thang again. She squeezes it between her big super size big beautiful woman knockers and looks at him with a satisfied expression. Logan fucks her soft titties fast and hard. They get into her bed to resume their revised employer-employee relationship. Logan lies back so Kerry can squeeze his erect schlong between her titties again. Her tongue lustfully swirls around his cock. This lady can't get enough. Kerry loves tit-fucking, sucking and yanking the stud's boner but she wants it in her wet snatch as soon as possible. She gets on her back and Logan spreads her cunt lips. He rams into her snatch fast and hard. Kerry rubs her clit and moans and cries as he pistons her. Logan wants more tit play and directs Kerry to get on her back so he can fuck her tits again. His thirst for big titties slaked for the time being, Logan resumes power-fucking Kerry from the side. He's been eyeing her behind also and wants it, so in her butt-hole his erect schlong goes. He ass-fucks Kerry from the side, then puts her on her back with her legs in the air. He fills and drills her behind and fingers her meaty wet snatch at the same time. Kerry looks at him with such admiration as he pounds her behind that it's possible he may have spoiled and ruined her for other men.

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