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Sara Gets Banged in the Models’ Dressing Room

  Sara's video takes a different spin in the opener as the cameraman/director asks George for his opinion of this hot-blooded Euro-babe. George had better say the right things or Sara will slap him right in the face with her big boobies ... which is going to happen anyway. George is practically drooling as he praises Sara and caresses her casabas. He's ready to beg for the camera to begin rolling. Sara is ready for George to feast on her sweet-tasting nipples. She sits on his lap like a secretary taking dictation from a horny boss. Sara looks as if she is actually studying George as he sucks on her pointers, lost in her cleavage. Meanwhile, her hand is reaching down to feel his package. Ever since Sara began posing nude, she has become increasingly horny and more assertive. George has Sara stand with her bum to him so he can lift up her dress and slip off her thong panties. Sara turns around and sits in the chair. George kneels before her and spreads her legs wide so he can lick and finger bang her lusty wet cunt. That throws her over the cliff. There is no stopping her now. George stands. Sara wants erect schlong in her throat and between her big boobies. She sucks him hard and fast, her hands never gripping his hard on. Sara sucks him noisily, faster and faster and gets almost the entire length in her mouth. How his nuts don't pop right then and there is a puzzle. Now it's time to fuck.

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