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Kiki Rainbow’s Happy Endings Massage Shop

  "I like having my feet played with, rubbed and my toes sucked," said British XL Girl Kiki Rainbow. "I like to be restrained and blindfolded. I enjoy being a dominatrix mistress but also get excited about being submissive, spanked and whipped." Kiki is the rubber, not the rubbee, when Michael goes to Kiki for a deep massage. He's got some aches that require tender loving care. That works for Kiki because she likes it deep also. Kiki gets to work on Michael's back first. She takes off her dress because she likes to work wearing a teddy with her big titties about to fall out of her top. After some back work, she has Michael flip over. She sprinkles oil on his chest. Part of Kiki's massage technique is to go bare-breasted and stand tush the client's a blowjob so her titties are dangling in his face while she massages his chest. We approve this kind of massage. Kiki pulls the towel off Michael's throbbing meat and walks over to the other side of the massage table so she can jerk it, suck it and tit-fuck it. He kneels on the table and Kiki kneels. He pumps her mouth, filling it with cock-meat. She runs her tongue over his dong and balls, then sucks him off again. Kiki lies on the table. It's time for Michael to fuck her. It's no surprise that Kiki's massage shop is called Happy Endings.

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