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Amanda Remington: Screwing the Boss Lady

  Milan has applied for a job at a company run by boss lady Amanda Remington. She meets and greets him in the office lounger for a follow-up interview. Ms. Remington asks him if he can work under a female employer. That's no problem for Milan. He's worked under and over many female bosses. Ms. Remington notices that Milan is eyeing her very large chest that her top can't conceal, and since she's wearing a very short skirt and crotchless panties, Milan looks at the sweet spot between her legs. This company leader didn't become a business owner by being a wallflower. She feels up Milan's bulge and reaches inside his pants to touch his junk. She takes his erect rod out and bends over his lap to fill her mouth and get throat-fucked. She gives him an expert, hard-sucking giving head. They undress and she resumes her sensational erect dick and balls swallowing. Her talent at oral should be studied by other models interested in becoming a a hummer mistress. Getting on top of Milan as he sits on the couch, Ms. Remington rides his erect dick in both directions like she's a jockey riding the favorite. A lot of guys would shoot their loads at this point but Milan is eager to stick it to the mature, busty brickhouse from bum and slam that wet snatch hard. He rubs her clit very fast as he fucks her and sucks her nipples. That drives her completely crazy, making her moan and cry out loudly. The super-pounder leaves her exhausted and satisfied. Milan's new job is mainly going to be screwing and cum-blasting her when she's horny, and that's going to be most of the time.

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